Renowned Nigerian preacher, Apostle Joshua Selman, has become the talk of the Nigerian social media sphere following a momentous apostolic conference held at the AO Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom. Joined by gospel singer Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, the duo hosted a crowd of 21,000 attendees at a recently concluded two-day event, titled ‘Sound of Revival’.

Videos capturing awe-inspiring scenes of Nathaniel Bassey and Apostle Joshua Selman bringing the AO venue, the largest indoor arena in the UK, to a standstill has quickly gone viral across various online platforms.

In response to one of Nathaniel’s Instagram posts, where he shared a video from the conference, he expressed his gratitude for individuals like Apostle Joshua Selman, urging people to remember them when considering the well-being of Nigeria.

The images of the conference, featuring the dynamic duo, flooded social media and gained significant traction, further amplifying their impact. Netizens, filled with exhilaration, reminisced about the influential contributions Apostle Joshua and Pastor Nathaniel Bassey have made in the realm of Evangelical missions within Christianity. The duo has consistently displayed their prowess on various platforms, collaborating with fellow clergymen and participating in conferences and crusades.

Apostle Joshua’s popularity had already been on the rise prior to the momentous apostolic meeting in Manchester. However, the resounding success of the ‘Sound of Revival’ conference has propelled him to new heights, solidifying his position as a charismatic pastor with a dedicated following.

As the videos and images continue to circulate, their impact is felt not only in Nigeria but also across international borders. The remarkable display of faith and devotion during the apostolic conference serves as a testament to the significant role these individuals play in the spiritual realm, leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed their captivating presence at the AO Arena.