On the sunny afternoon of Good Friday, April 7th, 2023, thousands of Saints filled the New Covenant Church in the Northern Suburb of Johannesburg for another round of “Let Us Worship South Africa with Sean Feucht”. The event, which lasted the entire weekend, brought together predominantly Saints from various congregations to commemorate the sacrificial death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

The beautiful Church sports field was alive with families and friends, young and old, all represented and engaged in fellowship, games, and a traditional South African braai. At 3 pm, the event kicked off with a prayer, followed by praise and worship led by South Africa’s very own We Will Worship, a group that has blessed not only the body of Christ but the nation as a whole.

The congregation was reminded of the prayer for the nation encapsulated in the National Anthem as the words of prayer originally written in the Nkosi Sikelele Africa song echoed throughout the field with the words “Woza Moya, Woza Moya” translated as “Come Holy Spirit.” Before Sean Feucht took to the stage,

Church pastors and leaders from various ministries involved in putting this special program together gathered on stage to lead the congregation in prayers for the nation, its leaders, and its beautiful people. The atmosphere was electric with peace, love, solidarity, unity, and restoration filling the air.

Renowned actor, creative, and Christian music artist Ugo was present at the event and couldn’t contain his excitement about the unity of faith demonstrated by the various ministries to pray for the nation and praise and worship the Lord Jesus.

Colonel Lefa Tsotetsi, who received prayer last year, and his division won an award, which gave great encouragement and added zeal to continue praying for South Africa’s law enforcement. This year, Johannesburg District Commissioner, Major General Max Masha, attended “Let Us Worship” and received prayer from John Crumpton, lead elder of Breakthru Life Church, and Sean Feucht. The crowd stretched their hands towards General Masha, and Sean asked everyone to make a commitment to deliberately change their speech from complaining, cursing, and discouraging to praying for our nation.

Onstage during the event, Sean Feucht expressed how beautiful it was to see how this movement, which started during the lockdown outside the Church walls in the United States, has spread worldwide. As the event concluded, an altar call was made not just for the unsaved. The experience was beyond words, as people were delivered and won to Christ, and many received restoration.

The power of praise and worship is undeniable. It has the power to change not only our hearts but also our nation. “Let Us Worship South Africa 2023 with Sean Feucht” has shown us that as we come together in unity of Faith to pray, fellowship and praise, and worship, we can experience the transformational power of God.

By Mwansa Mbolela