AYO VINCENT is an acclaimed Nigerian gospel artist, anointed worship leader, prolific songwriter, and visionary music director. Her profound affinity for music blossomed during her formative years, when at the tender age of 7, she began lending her enchanting voice to the melodious choir of her local church.

In 1998, Ayo Vincent joined the Campus Fellowship of Christ Embassy Church, where her fervor for praise and worship continued to flourish. The following year, she ascended to the esteemed position of praise leader within the choir, captivating audiences with her soul-stirring performances.

In 2012, she unveiled her inaugural album, aptly titled ‘I AM YOURS.’ The release featured a collection of awe-inspiring tracks, including the iconic single ‘Orobo Portion’ and the soulful collaboration ‘Serve the Lord,’ featuring renowned Marvin producer Don Jazzy.

One of Ayo Vincent’s crowning achievements came in 2014 when her sensational hit single, ‘YOU ARE GREAT,’ garnered widespread acclaim. The profound impact of this masterpiece was recognized with two prestigious awards: the Crystal Award and the African Gospel Music Award (AGMA UK). Furthermore, the song’s music video has amassed over a million views on the renowned platform, YouTube.

Anticipation continues to build for Ayo Vincent’s sophomore album, ‘Supernatural,’ set to grace the airwaves in 2022. This highly-anticipated release already boasts several chart-topping singles, notably the worship anthem ‘YOUR PRESENCE IS HERE.’ The compelling power of this song resonated deeply with worshippers worldwide, securing Ayo Vincent the esteemed LIMA award for Best Song in 2019.

Beyond her musical prowess, Ayo Vincent has expanded her creative endeavors into the realm of literature. In 2020, she published her debut book, ‘STARTING OVER,’ followed by the well-received children’s book, ‘DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER,’ which launched to resounding acclaim in February 2022. Notably, the latter publication soared to the top 100 bestselling list of Christian children’s books on Amazon Kindle.

Ayo Vincent finds immense joy and fulfillment in her blissful marriage to her beloved husband, Hilary, and their shared blessings include four remarkable children. Her ultimate aspiration and fervent passion remain rooted in touching lives worldwide with the transformative love and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.