Sihle Mdletshe is a young upcoming South African gospel artist that was born in 1998 and hails from Umhlayalingana, Manguzi in Kwa-Zulu Natal. He completed his education at Inkosi Justice High School and concluded his high school journey at Zenzeleni High School in 2016.

He then continued his studies at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal from 2018-2021 where he acquired a bachelor of Information systems and services. He loves playing volleyball.

At the tender age of 10, Sihle commenced his musical journey by singing in church. His talent garnered recognition during his primary school years, earning him invitations to perform at various events, including graduation ceremonies and schools.

His musical gift captivated the attention of his high school teachers, leading to his rise as a celebrated young artist. Sihle continued to grace numerous schools in the region with his performances, spearheading cultural activities. In 2016, upon completing matriculation, he began crafting songs and professionally recording them.

“It is crucial for young, talented musicians to acknowledge that every gift emanates from a higher power. They must demonstrate reverence for the talents bestowed upon them and share those gifts with their fans wholeheartedly,” explains Sihle Mdletshe, a prodigious gospel artist, whose debut album comprising 11 tracks has just been released.

Sihle is not solely a singer but also an anointed vessel of God’s message through music.

“My aspirations involve attaining a substantial platform to disseminate the Word of God on a global scale. Additionally, I aim to compose more soul-stirring music that offers solace to the broken-hearted,” he expresses.

His aspiration is to persistently cultivate his skills and strive for excellence in his craft. Moreover, he yearns to expand his repertoire and master diverse genres such as Afro-Gospel, Jazz Gospel, House Gospel, and more.

Sihle epitomizes humility and harbors a genuine desire to witness the success of others.

“I yearn for individuals to exhibit faithfulness and collaborate harmoniously, as artists ought to embrace peace,” he conveys.

Over the span of two years, Sihle has collaborated with several radio stations, including Nongoma FM, UGU Radio, Umusa FM, Life FM, Inanda FM, Ntuzuma FM, and many others.

“These radio stations have shown me tremendous support and provided a platform to showcase my talent. As a result, I began receiving collaboration opportunities from various artists,” he acknowledges.

The music video for his song “Ngiphakamele Jesu” was met with a warm reception from the masses.

Collaborating with Sibusiso Mbonambi, a professional video editor from uMhlabuyalingana, Sihle embarked on a journey that spanned many years, working together on live interviews.

The music video gained traction and captured the hearts of numerous individuals.

“Community radios were buzzing with discussions about the video,” he remarks.

Sihle expresses his heartfelt gratitude to the media outlets and practitioners who have supported his work, including Jozini Media, SM Radio Station in Johannesburg, Sihle Mnguni from 1KZN TV, LM Radio from Mozambique, EBS from Namibia, Touch Radio from Kenya, Sun Radio from Zambia, Ikwekwezi FM, Ikasie FM, Ilanga Newspaper, Daily Sun, News24, Celebrity Breeze, SABC, Ligwalagwala FM, Gagasi FM, and many more. He perceives this support as a blessing that has come full circle in his life.