It was the year 2009, a relatively unknown Viwe Nikita took the stage at the Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris program at the Johannesburg stadium, South Africa to minister the song, “God of Everything”, for the very first time, the song that would indeed change everything.

As she ministered, everyone in the stadium stood in rapt attention as the lyrics rolled off her tongue aided by the sonorous and unforgettable melody; there was no doubt in the heart of all those who heard it that this was a song that would soon become a game changer, a song that would become an all time hit. That was 12 years ago, and as the saying goes… The rest is history.

It’s 2021 and with a YouTube viewership of over 2 million views, what is the story behind the song?

In the Autumn of 2008, Viwe Nikita closed a chapter as she resigned from her successful PR job to follow her dreams. Financially challenging times followed, but she knew God was trying to get her attention. She decided to search deeper and spent a year of deepening her relationship with God; praying in tongues more often, fasting and immersing herself in the Word. She conversed with God about her life and future, enquiring of Him about His purpose for her… And God answered her in that place of dire challenges, saying, “He is the God of Everything” and the song was dropped in her spirit.

From then on, the song took a life of its own until it was recorded and released in 2012 as part of her first album also titled, “God of Everything”.

The ever green song has become a people’s favorite across the world… Take a listen.

The testimonies are countless and not only personal to her. These were not just words to her, but Words from the Spirit to the whole world, thus resulting in so many testimonies from others too. For her personally, just releasing the song took her to another level of glory to glory.

Viwe Nikita has followed through with other hit songs such as “I’m Satisfied”, “Blessed be Your Name”, “It’s Raining Favour” and many others, but after a decade of it’s initial release, God of Everything Fans are in for a special bonus with the re-release of the song and video that promises to be just as special and even more than the original… Afterall, in the kingdom, things