Gospel singer Stephen Kasolo tied the knot with long-term girlfriend Grace in a stunning ceremony in Karen, Nairobi. The emotional event saw the couple exchange vows, leaving the bride in tears of joy. The wedding was attended by notable personalities, including Bonnie Musambi, Ezekiel Mutua, and Nicolas Kioko from the Kamba community.

Grace arrived at the venue in a luxury car with her daughter Shine, who carried a sign announcing the bride’s arrival. Grace was accompanied by 11 bridesmaids wearing pink dresses with silver decorations. The groom and his best man wore yellow and black tuxedos, while the groomsmen wore cream suits and walking sticks.

After the nuptials, the couple embarked on their honeymoon, accompanied by their daughter Shine. They plan to capitalize on their wedding by creating a new YouTube channel called Stephen Kasolo’s Family, where they will announce when they have another child.

Bonnie Musambi took to Social media to say, “Today, I had the privilege to attend Stephen Kasolo Kitole ‘s wedding, in the company of my wife Betty Musambi Official at Karen, Nairobi.
Kasolo has married his long-time girlfriend, Grace Muendo.
We wish them love, happiness, and God’s grace.”

In a show of gratitude and joy, Kasolo took to social media to express his happiness and thank God. He said, ”With my tutoto 🥰❤️😘Aki YESU unajua kuheshimisha… good morning our friends? Naona Wimbo wetu wa harusi unatrend No 19🔥
https://youtu.be/IhNuqGJhuJs” which means in English (With my childhood sweetheart Aki JESU, you know how to respect… Good morning, our friends. I see that our wedding song is trending No. 19 )

The wedding left a lasting impression on guests and fans, with many taking to social media to wish the couple a happy and prosperous marriage. The beautiful ceremony was a true reflection of the couple’s love and commitment to each other.